Chapter 679 – Sun Shengnan’s Telegram

Fortunately, Ye Lin understood that Lu Xia probably couldn’t endure working for too long. After staying there for a little over a month, she returned home without waiting for Lu Xia to start school.

Lu Xia finally breathed a sigh of relief and quickly handed over her company responsibilities to Ye Lin before going home to rest.

The way she couldn’t wait to leave work behind made Ye Lin somewhat amused and exasperated at the same time.

However, upon her return, she brought a gift for Lu Xia.

It was a Rolex women’s watch she had purchased in Harbor City, adorned with diamonds. It looked very expensive, and the price tag was probably quite significant.

Lu Xia accepted it, feeling a bit overwhelmed, but she knew that neither she nor Qi Xiao were short on money.

However, Lu Xia thought that Ye Lin and Qi Xiao were both her business partners, and their relationship was deep. When they got married, she would probably have to give them a substantial gift.

So, she accepted it gracefully.

With the start of the new school year just around the corner, Lu Xia took a few days to rest at home.

Then, she heard that some condominiums in the capital were going up for sale. Curious, she went to take a look and, after inspecting them, fell in love with the properties and promptly bought several.

In this era, condominiums were expensive, and real estate investments were often lucrative. She planned to rent them out later, further expanding her landlady business.

When September came, Lu Xia continued teaching her original class, as expected. This semester, with the students in their senior year, there were fewer classes, so she had more free time.

But because she was pursuing her part-time postgraduate studies, she was still quite busy at the university.

However, not long after the school year started, Lu Xia received an unexpected telegram from Sun Shengnan.

The telegram didn’t contain much information; it simply explained that their child was ill and that they would be coming to the capital for treatment in a little while. They mentioned not knowing the local hospitals and asked for Lu Xia’s assistance in recommending a good hospital.

Upon reading the telegram, Lu Xia furrowed her brows and felt concerned. She had no idea what illness the child had, but it seemed serious, as they wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of traveling to the capital if it wasn’t. This made Lu Xia worry.

Upon returning home, she shared this with Jiang Junmo.

Jiang Junmo thought for a moment and asked, “When will they arrive?”

“They said they would be here tomorrow.”

“In that case, let’s wait until they arrive. When they’re here, we can find out the child’s condition. Whether it’s a city hospital or a military hospital, we can assist them.”

Lu Xia nodded and said, “Yes, we’ll wait until they arrive. I’ll clean up the guest room in a while. We don’t know how long they’ll stay, so we can have them stay at our place when they arrive.”

Jiang Junmo had no objections and said, “Alright, I’ll help you prepare.”

After having dinner, the two of them cleaned up the guest room. The next day, after finishing work, they returned home, had dinner, and then had Kang Kang take his younger siblings to bed. Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo set out by car to the train station.

Sun Shengnan’s train arrived a bit late, and they had to wait for over an hour at the station after their arrival. Lu Xia stood at the exit, watching the people coming and going. She didn’t want to miss them, fearing that if they had changed significantly in the past few years, she might not recognize them.

Fortunately, neither Lu Xia nor Jiang Junmo had changed much over the years. When Sun Shengnan and Liu Jun came out of the station carrying their child, they could immediately spot Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo.

They walked over, and as they approached, Lu Xia recognized them as well. Although the years had brought some changes to their appearances, they were still recognizable, although they appeared a bit tired, likely from their concerns about their child’s illness and the fatigue of the train journey.


Chapter 680 – Meeting at the Train Station


Lu Xia couldn’t afford to dwell on her feelings for too long. She quickly approached them and greeted, “Sister Shengnan, you’ve arrived! You must be tired from the journey.”

Jiang Junmo, by their side, also came forward and took their bags, helping to ease their load.

Upon seeing them, Sun Shengnan couldn’t help but smile. Observing Lu Xia’s warm welcome, she felt somewhat relieved.

“We’re okay, not too tired. It’s so good to see you both. Thankfully, you’re here in the capital. Otherwise, it’s such a big place, we wouldn’t have dared to come,” Sun Shengnan replied.

It had been a long time since they last met, and Lu Xia had a lot she wanted to discuss with them. However, this wasn’t the right place for it, and they had just endured a long train journey, so she didn’t want to tire them out even more.

Smiling, Lu Xia said, “Alright, let’s head back and talk later. I’m sure the kids are tired, too. We should hurry home to rest.”

Sun Shengnan was initially hesitant when she heard that Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo wanted them to stay at their home. After all, they hadn’t seen each other in a while and might have felt like they were imposing.

However, Lu Xia quickly reassured her, “Since you’ve come all the way here, you can’t not stay at our place. Don’t worry, Sister Shengnan, we have plenty of space!”

Although Sun Shengnan had considered suggesting they stay in a hotel, she ultimately agreed, relieved to hear that Lu Xia insisted.

Fortunately, they found out on the way that Lu Xia and her family didn’t live with their elders anymore, which put Sun Shengnan at ease. She had been worried about causing any inconvenience to her.

Since it was already late, and the public buses had stopped running, Jiang Junmo found a three-wheeler taxi at the nearby intersection to bring them back home.

When they arrived, all three of the younger children were already asleep. Only Kang Kang was still awake and came out to greet Sun Shengnan and her family.

Seeing how much Kang Kang had grown, Sun Shengnan felt a sense of nostalgia.

Aunt Sun was still awake as well and had warmed up the dinner that Lu Xia had prepared before they arrived. She brought the dishes to the table, and Sun Shengnan and her family were deeply touched by this warm welcome.

Upon entering the house and seeing the large and luxurious surroundings, the expensive furnishings, and the presence of a housekeeper, Sun Shengnan and Liu Jun were momentarily overwhelmed. They could tell that Lu Xia and her family were living quite well now.

However, Lu Xia’s unchanged attitude, the same warmth she had shown back in their rural days, made them feel like they hadn’t made a mistake in reaching out to her.

Lu Xia, unaware of their thoughts, invited them to sit down for the meal, and this was when Liu Jun finally put the child he had been holding down.

Previously, the child had been passed between them for fear of her catching a chill while sleeping, so Lu Xia hadn’t seen her face because of the hat she was wearing. Now, she saw the child and was surprised.

“Is this Zhenzhen?”

Sun Shengnan nodded, “Yes, it’s Zhenzhen. When we parted, she was still very young. The younger child is now six years old. We left him with his grandmother to take care of.”

Lu Xia nodded, taking another look at Zhenzhen, not sure how to approach the topic.

Zhenzhen didn’t really seem ill at all.

Sun Shengnan sighed and said, “We’ve been to numerous hospitals in the province, both large and small, but couldn’t find the cause of Zhenzhen’s illness. In the end, with no other options, we decided to come to the capital to give it a try. If it weren’t for you being here, I wouldn’t have had the courage to make this decision.”

Lu Xia frowned upon hearing this. “So many hospitals couldn’t identify the illness? How did you even realize that she was ill?”

Sun Shengnan sighed again and slowly began to explain the sequence of events.

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